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about o2h community

The approach is quite simple, we understand that we have a contribution to make to the community in which we do our work, not at some unspecified point in the future, but now, and as part of our life journey, however small that contribution is. o2h group encourages contribution, partnerships and connections with local NGO’s and the community. o2h group takes its work in the community seriously. The first stage is always to establish a personal connection based not on solving anyone's problems, but of giving of ones love, time and energy. The second stage is to explore ways in which o2h group can add value to their lives by deploying our skills.

We have been active with a number of local organisations, including – Manav Sadhna, VSSM, India Recycles, Shelter for Children with HIV, Old-people’s Homes, organisations supporting women’s rights in disadvantaged areas of the city, The Blind People’s Association and many more.


our NGO partners

  • Manav Sadhna
  • VSSM
  • Jeevandhara Old Age Home
  • Blind People's Association

From a peaceful corner of the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Manav Sadhna (MS) has been humbly serving since 1995 to strengthen underprivileged communities in Ahmedabad through programs in Holistic Education, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene, Community Building, Livelihoods, Compassion In Action and Disaster Relief.

Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch (VSSM) is a non-profit organisation working to empower the nomadic and de-notified communities while striving to create an inclusive society as well as government policies for these extremely marginalized sections of our society. The organisation is also dedicated towards sustainability initiatives such as tree plantation, ground water rehabilitation and more.

Jivandhara Vrudhashram is a well-known old age home in the Ahmedabad region. The home has served numerous seniors and needy elders in the past 13 years. The house features completely furnished and clean rooms and medical centres. Jivandhara Vrudhashram strives to provide all needy elders with the utmost care and services.

The Blind People’s Association (India) is one of the largest NGOs in India working for the entire continuum of services for all categories of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). BPA is a multi-campus organization with 15 campuses all over Gujarat and one in Rajasthan. It also has 13 Vision Centres and 10 Day Care Centres for Persons with Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness in addition to the above.