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Chemistry in the CloudTM

o2h discovery launched the world's first chemistry project management app Chemistry in the CloudTM..

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The DNA of o2h group is centered around the nurturing of its people, values and culture. It reflects in the way we work with each other, as well as our collaborators and partners.

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Delivery Model

Our delivery model has been designed for speed around effective project management, processes/equipment and people.

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A keen understanding of collaborators priorities and a fast start are the two essential features for discovery projects at o2h discovery.

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Case Studies

We have worked with many biotech and big pharma companies around the world including USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, among others.

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East West Model

We are harnessing the East West Model to foster greater cultural understanding, innovation, and adaptability in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

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Risk Share

Our Risk Share model empowers research initiatives by providing essential chemistry services in exchange for equity.

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We launched the o2h human health S/EIS funds to support innovative early-stage biotech and have a portfolio of ~28 companies.


Tech capabilities

We have the in-house capabilities to execute digital development for life science companies.