23 Nov 23

o2h discovery is honoured to win the ‘Most Impactful CRO of the Year’ award at the OBN Awards 2023. This achievement reflects the dedication of our exceptional team and the fruitful collaborations with ~200 global biotech and pharma partners over two decades.

o2h-discovery_Most Imapctful CRO of the year
o2h discovery won the Most Imapctful CRO of the year Award

The OBN Awards are designed to celebrate inspirational leadership, exciting innovation, novel and exciting approaches to unmet clinical needs, outstanding company progression and the delivery of real-life, tangible results. The OBN Awards 2023, with 12 independent categories, that cover Biotech, Medtech, and Digital Health and recognises achievements from emerging R&D companies to large pharma and life sciences investors. Read more – https://obn.org.uk/news/obn-uk-ltd-shines-light-outstanding-companies-within-life-sciences-industry-2023-obn-awards-22

About the “Most Impactful CRO of the Year” category: This award acknowledges organisations that have demonstrated remarkable achievements in the field of drug discovery services. The evaluation process for this esteemed category took into consideration various aspects, including :

  • Business Performance: Assessing our consistent growth and impact of our services on the Biotech and Pharmaceutical market.
  • Strategic R&D Impact: Recognizing our contributions to advancing research and development.
  • Capabilities: Highlighting the distinctive attributes that set us apart.
  • Customer Feedback: Gauging the satisfaction of our valued collaborators.
  • ESG Priorities: Our incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance priorities to drive positive change.
  • Management Team: Recognizing the expertise and leadership of our management team.
  • Overall Impact: Evaluating the broader influence of our efforts on the industry.

About o2h discovery: o2h Discovery (o2h) is a fully integrated Anglo-Indian CRO established in 2003, supports small molecule synthesis, pR&D, Scale-up from its 500+ person team of biologists and medicinal chemists in Cambridge, UK and Ahmedabad, India. o2h has been developing its technical expertise to meet the needs of modern pharma companies with specialist teams working on design and synthesis of phospholipids to support with the design and development of novel Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP’s) and PROTAC molecules to develop targeted protein degraders. 

We understand the challenges faced by early-stage biotech companies in reaching milestones and securing funding. To support their growth, we launched the o2h kickstarter competition, providing expert services to enhance the chemistry efforts of companies with initial funding and exciting drug targets.

We have organised three successful editions of the competition, targeting the UK, Australia, and Israel. Currently, we are running the kickstarter competition to support US based early stage Biotech companies. To know more: the o2h kickstarter competition 5.0

Our strategic impact is empowering these companies with resources to accelerate scientific advancements and achieve funding milestones. By accessing our experienced team, we drive innovation, foster collaboration, and contribute to the biotech industry’s progress and success.

Winning the o2h Kickstarter competition will significantly increase our chemistry resource and in turn accelerate delivery of our goals. We thank o2h for their generosity and look forward to continuing to work with o2h’s superb team, to deliver our medicine to patients.

– Neil Benson, CEO of Sevenless Therapeutics

We’re thrilled to have been selected for the o2h Kickstarter program and to have the opportunity to work with the skilled chemists at o2h. The Kickstarter will enable us to thoroughly explore our nascent SAR and advance our lead program more rapidly

– Beth J Hoffman, President & CEO of Origami Therapeutics

“We are honoured to be recognized as a winner of the o2h Kickstarter competition, and grateful for the support from o2h discovery. Taking on an FTE team from o2h will significantly ramp-up our capacity this year and bring us closer to our goal of creating novel medications to address the mounting mental health crisis.”

– Joshua Ismin, co-founder and CEO of Psylo

“Protai is excited to be partnering with o2h’s chemistry in order to accelerate our proteomic biomarker-led drug discovery and development activities towards the market.”

– Eran Seger, CEO & Co-founder of Protai

To know more – o2hdiscovery.co, in case of any queries, write us at discovery@o2h.com