19 Sep 23

Building on the success of our earlier kickstarter competition in the UK, Australia, Israel, and Italy, we are excited to announce the launch of the 5th edition of o2h kickstarter, exclusively tailored for early-stage biotech companies based in the USA.

o2h discovery has now supported many companies through launching its Discovery kickstarter competition in several of the world’s most exciting biotech clusters, and now we aim to bring our biotech start-up machinery to the largest and most successful biotech ecosystems in the world, the USA. o2h discovery has been working with Venture Capital and early-stage biotech companies in the USA since 2003 to support their drug discovery efforts, and several of these companies have been acquired by big pharma or have continued to an IPO on the NASDAQ. Through our kickstart award, we seek to support the next generation of biotech investors and entrepreneurs. 

o2h kickstarter competition 5.0 is being launched to support USA based early stage biotech companies that have secured initial funding, have exciting drug targets, and have the ability to scale, but need expert services to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet the next scientific and funding milestones. The aim of our kickstarter program is to support the next wave of USA biotechnology companies to get off the ground.

About The o2h kickstarter award and how did it help early stage companies with a chemistry boost?

KS 5.0

We launched our first “o2h kickstarter competition” back in August 2022 and have run 3 more rounds thereafter, covering the UK, Australia, Israel, and Italy geographies, and have awarded more than 10 kickstarter awards so far to support various biotech companies to boost their drug discovery research. Following the success of our previous kickstarter editions, we are back with the 5th edition of o2h kickstarter exclusively for US based early stage biotech start-up companies. 

In essence, the award aims to provide emerging small molecule biotech firms with a cost-effective team of six experienced o2h discovery chemists and trainee chemists, despite o2h’s broader capabilities in Med Chem, ADME, and Biology Screening (in the UK and India). The goal is to keep the process straightforward and accessible. 

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Some of the winners of earlier editions:

KS winners

Read more – https://o2h.com/discovery/kickstarter-newsletter-chaitime-webinar/ 

and to apply for kickstarter 5.0, visit – https://o2h.com/the-o2h-kickstarter-competition-5-0/

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We are also excited to share that o2h discovery is for the first time exhibiting at the Protein Degradation & Targeting Undruggable Congress between 19-20th September, in Basel, Switzerland, where we will be presenting our capabilities that can support you in facilitating faster problem solving for your research programs.PDTUE conference
Meet us in #Boston for Discovery on Target 2023! As an integrated #drugdiscovery service provider, we’re thrilled to be part of this event. We strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in Protein Degraders and Small Molecules drug discovery research so that we can fully support our pharma and biotech collaborators to progress their novel drug targets which will ultimately benefit human health.

The event promises a dynamic lineup of presentations, delving into the fascinating realms of Protein Degraders, Molecular Glues, Small Molecules Targeting RNA, Proteomics, Genomics, GPCR-Based Drug Discovery, and much more. It’s a comprehensive exploration of the latest frontiers in drug discovery. Reach out to Tejas Upadhyay if you are around. We look forward to seeing you!

DOT conference

In case of any queries or to discuss how our service offerings can help you kickstart your drug discovery program, write us at discovery@o2h.com