12 Apr 23

Cambridge, UK, April 12th, 2023: o2h discovery, a preclinical Contract Research Organization which has integrated drug discovery capabilities in India and the UK, is pleased to announce the third edition of the o2h kickstarter competition exclusively aimed towards supporting early stage biotech companies based in Israel.

o2h discovery has collaborated with several early stage biotech companies from Israel over the last 20 years. Israeli biotech firms are making great strides towards developing novel therapies for unmet medical needs. These firms are developing new opportunities to enhance human health and expand the field of biotechnology by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and concentrating on specific disease targets. With its booming startup culture and world-class academic institutions, Israel has emerged as a prominent biotechnology powerhouse in recent years.

o2h discovery understands that drug discovery research is a complex phenomenon. This can firstly require synthesis and screening of large numbers of molecules to identify a “hit”. This can be extremely time consuming and costly. The o2h kickstarter competition has been developed to provide a boost to small molecule focused biotech companies who need to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet their next funding milestone.

The applications will be evaluated by the kickstarter committee including Sunil Shah, Co-founder of o2h group, Andy Morley, CSO of o2h discovery, Gayathri Sadasivam, Head of Biology at o2h discovery, amongst others. The programme offers a dedicated team of six FTE chemists for each project, access to a large inventory of chemicals and reagents for synthesis in order to support small molecules research at reasonable costs. For more information and to apply, visit – https://o2h.com/the-o2h-kickstarter-competition-3-0/

Sunil Shah, co-founder of o2h discovery, said:

Having worked and visited Israel based biotech companies over the last decade we were keen to open our kickstarter competition to this ecosystem. The scientists are on the cutting edge of novel biology as well as having amazing entrepreneurial energy – a lethal combination for biotech success!

Andy Morley, Chief Scientific Officer of o2h discovery, said:

Israel has a strong and knowledgeable scientific community and a passion and expertise for business. Leveraging this initiative to advance new start up projects alongside an organisation like o2h will provide helpful support to take projects to the next level


Editor Notes:

About o2h discovery:

Founded in 2005, o2h discovery is a leading drug discovery partner and has capabilities to support hit-lead-optimisation programmes leading into patent and IND filing from our state-of-the-art research centre in Ahmedabad, India and The Mill SciTech Park, Cambridge, UK. We have the in-house capability to execute hit-lead-optimization programs leading into patent and IND filing from our state-of-the-art biotechnology incubator with expertise in discovery chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and the ongoing project management of pre-clinical development.

o2h discovery has developed and launched its proprietary application Chemistry in the Cloud™ (CITC), the world’s first app to revolutionize the project management of external drug discovery programs. The app enables the communication between various scientific stakeholders essential to successful project advancement – leading to faster decision making.

The DNA of o2h discovery is centered around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the way we work with each other, as well as our collaborators and partners.

For more information about o2h group, please visit www.o2h.com and to know more about our chemistry services, please see – https://o2h.com/discovery/chemistry/


About o2h Group:

o2h group seeds new ideas in science, technology and green innovation. We work across boundaries and take a collaborative and shared approach to innovation, and therefore we co-invest, co-create and co-execute to bring these ideas to life. o2h group triages investment, incubation and execution and is organized into 6 symbiotic verticals; o2h ventures, o2h discovery, o2h technology, o2h co-work, o2h therapeutics, and o2h community.

For more information, please see – www.o2h.com

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