29 Sep 23

We have recently announced the launch of the 5th edition of o2h kickstarter, exclusively to support USA-based early-stage biotech companies to boost their drug discovery program. The  competition is Live now and the last date to apply is October 10th

The aim of the o2h kickstarter 5.0 is to support the next wave of USA based biotechnology companies that have secured initial funding, have exciting drug targets, and have the ability to scale, but need expert services to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet the next scientific and funding milestones. 

Kickstarter 5.0

Meet the o2h kickstarter evaluation committee members…

The o2h kickstarter evaluation committee collectively have a wealth of experience and expertise in nurturing early-stage biotech startups, and will be evaluating the kickstarter applicants based on their technical qualifications, exciting drug targets, initial funding rounds and ability to scale, etc. The o2h kickstarter evaluation committee consists of – 

1. Sunil Shah, Co-founder, o2h discovery – Sunil is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded two companies in the information technology and life sciences sector. The second of these companies, Oxygen Healthcare Ltd was acquired by Piramal Enterprises Ltd (BSE: PEL). Sunil is a UKBAA 2019 UK Business Angel of the Year and received a Biotechnology special recognition award from OBN for his active support of high-growth startups and early-stage business.

Sunil Shah, Co-founder, o2h discovery

2. Andy Morley, Chief Scientific Officer at o2h discovery – Andy Holds an excellent track record of delivery across all phases of the drug discovery process for >25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. Andy is an author and inventor with >50 patents/publications, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship to study in Japan.

Andy Morley, CSO, o2h discovery

3. Gayathri Sadasivam, VP, Head of Biology at o2h discovery – Gayathri is a Ph.D. holder in Neuroscience with >20 years of comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of cancer biology and metabolic disorders with a proven track record in early drug discovery processes and chemical biology. 

Gayathri, VP, Head of Biology, o2h discovery

4. Hemal Soni, Head of Chemistry at o2h discovery – Hemal holds a PhD in organic chemistry, brings >17 years of global leadership experience (UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore and other countries) in CRO chemistry, and currently heading a 300+ member research group at o2h discovery, India.

Hemal, Head of Chemistry, o2h discovery

To know more about our committee members and to apply for the competition, visit here – https://o2h.com/the-o2h-kickstarter-competition-5-0/ or write to us at kickstarter@o2h.com, and we will get back to you. 


Competition highlights…

For the cost of 1 FTE chemist, you will receive all of the following: – 

  • A team of 6 bench chemists. 
  • Access to our large inventory of chemicals and reagents for synthesis. 
  • Project management support. 
  • Real time project updates. 

In nutshell, we will help you to expedite synthesis of your desired molecules to generate valuable data for driving your drug discovery program ahead! 

If you an early-stage biotech company based out of the #USA and want to kickstart your drug discovery program, we have launched the o2h kickstarter competition for you. Apply now or register your interest at kickstarter@o2h.com or visit – https://o2h.com/the-o2h-kickstarter-competition-5-0/